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Real Estate Services

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We know that you have choices when selecting a REALTOR. Should you hire a agent you know or referred to you by someone else? Should you pick the one with the biggest car or the most stars? Are all real estate agents the same?

I’ll answer that question for you. ~ No, we are not all the same!

When Selling your property, you should select someone hard working and sincere that works well with you. Someone willing to help you water the grass when you’re away, rake the leaves, pull a few weeds or plant some flowers. While needs vary, sometimes selling a house requires assistance with contractor bids, doing a little extra cleaning or arranging of furniture. This extra effort from your agent can go a long way in achieving your desired results while offering you a satisfying experience.

Many home sellers select the REALTOR that recommends the highest sale price. This technique is ok, starting high is better than starting low right? It depends, sometimes multiple price changes implies that there is a deficiency in the property and ultimately yields lower profits. The key is knowing your market, knowing what your competition is doing and working closely with your agent to establish a game plan.

At Simply Life Realty, we know that selling your home takes hard work and we are ready and willing to go above and beyond for you.

Complementary Architectural Photography

Staging Consultation Services

Print and Digital Advertising

Professional Property Signage

Weekly Sprucing of Vacant Homes

Open House Planning and Event Hosting

Property Listing Pricing are quoted at the initial property visit by your REALTOR. The market average is customarily 6% of the Sales price.


Buying a property is exciting and emotional at the same time. Selecting an experienced and trusted REALTOR to assist you through the buying process is important. Together we will review the market area and the specific terms available, discuss pricing, schedule property tours and help you to identify the perfect property. Together we can review the most up to date market information that will enable you decide on the smartest offer to get your contract accepted. Once your offer is accepted, we are here to help you schedule and attend property inspections as needed. It all seems pretty cut and dry but there are negotiations, amendments and deadlines. Selecting a real estate professional that works well with you to guide you to the finish line is invaluable.

The following services are included with all home purchases:

Readiness Review

Search Criteria

Market Analysis

Property Tours

Sales Contracts/Amendments

Inspections and Scheduling

Our Promise to be here for you

Buyers Agent commissions are customarily paid by the Seller when buying a property.

We would love to earn your business!

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