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When you choose Simply Life to manage your property you are selecting over 15 years of property management experience. We promise to manage with integrity and guarantee your satisfaction when caring for your property.

Property Management is multifaceted and requires a good balance between owner’s goals and resident satisfaction. There are many different types of properties. You don’t need to spend a fortune to be more desirable than your competitor across the street. A little extra TLC and service can enable you to generate a good market rent and lose less money on vacancy. Saving you hundreds of dollars. We are here to accomplish great results and bridge the gap between Property Owners and Residents so that you can spend more time on what matters most.

We are well trained in the Property Management business and offer your residents the software needed to process rental applications, collect rent, and monitor any service requests.

Our Initial Visit

Upon our initial visit we can discuss any particular specifications or desires you, as the property owner, have about rent, pet policies, security deposits, etc. We will also review the neighboring market and establish the best rental rate and criteria for the property. Additionally, you can be certain that we will adhere to all Fair Housing Laws and that all prospects have equal opportunity.

Make Ready

If your property is not yet ready or you are going to have an upcoming vacancy. Make Ready assistance can be available to help you get your property to a safe and showable condition. This way we can work on renting it and you can start generating income.


Once ready, we begin by taking high quality photos of the property and launching the online and site marketing. At this point, we are in full swing taking prospect calls and scheduling property tours in search of your new resident.

Tenant Screening

Interested prospects are asked to submit their applications on line and provide income verification and a complete rental history. Credit records are then requested from all three credit bureaus providing a thorough application. Ultimately, the full application is reviewed and final approval is accomplished. This in-depth application process strives to match a good renter with a well pleased Property Owner.

Rent Collections

All Owners and Property Managers appreciate Rent being paid on time! Generally, well qualified and satisfied residents take better care of and pay rent timely. In turn this means less money spent on property repairs and more rental income for you! Happy residents also stay longer so you lose less money in between residents.

We do our very best to provide qualified renters however in this business there may be times when the resident is delinquent with their rent. We are the bridge that calls the resident to establish their intentions and if possible avoid a potential vacancy. Sometimes, eviction for nonpayment of rent is necessary. When this happens, we consult with the property owner and diligently file the eviction and go to court on your behalf. Saving you the stress, time and energy that this requires. We will always recommend that you consult your attorney for any legal advice.

Maintenance Services

The Maintenance Service needs of the property can be established and specified in the initial property Management Agreement.

Many property owners select Maintenance Services to be handled by Simply Life Realty and specify a pre-authorized dollar amount as a spending limit. Generally this amount is anywhere from $150-$250

We utilize approved, bonded & insured vendors for the completion of routine maintenance and continuously seek qualified vendors while negotiating costs to insure fair pricing and quality work. You will likely find that our approved vendors save you money because of our established relationships and volume of work. In cases of major repairs and the need for multiple bids and inspections an hourly oversight fee can be established to save you time and effort.

If we find that the repair is due to resident negligence or damage we will request for resident reimbursement of the expense on your behalf.

We are committed to integrity so your satisfaction and trust is important to us. You can always contact us with any questions or concerns.

You have choices with Simply Life Realty, some Owners elect to handle all their Maintenance requests by scheduling their own preferred contractor. This is always an Owners option and can be specified at any time desired. Once received, the maintenance request can be forwarded directly to the Owner who will in turn schedule the repair. As Property Managers, we must insure that suitable living conditions are provided and the Property Code specifications are met when completing service requests.

Lease Renewals

Lease Renewals

Initial leases are typically 12 months in length with a specified 45 day notice from either party of termination. If the resident has been paying rent timely, has taken good care of the property and been satisfied with their stay, a lease renewal is generally desired by both parties. At Simply Life we review the current market data and send the notification of the desired rent increase to the resident approximately 60 days in advance. As the property owner you may designate a preferred rent increase amount in the initial property specifications or we can provide a current market analysis at your request. The desired outcome is to accomplish a rent increase without creating a vacancy. If you may desire to sell the property at the end of the lease term, we ask that you please notify us in advance so proper notification can be given to your resident and listing preparations can begin.

All new State required Contracts and Addendums are updated and signed upon renewal. Simply Life charges a minimal lease renewal fee of $150 per renewal.

Financial Reporting

Mid-month the property financials are closed and Owners receive their net cash for the month!

A Monthly Owners Statement is available on the Property Owners Portal explaining the net cash result. At Simply Life Realty, Owners have easy access to the online portal and can ask questions at any time. Monthly statements can also be emailed upon request.


1x Year

Multiple properties can qualify for discounted rates. Management Fee minimum of $115 per month.

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