Leasing Services

Leasing Services

Simply saving you time and money!

At Simply Life Realty we love Leasing and offer a unique service for our Property Owners. Property Leasing Services Only! You may prefer to self-manage and be responsible for the day to day Property Management duties like, rent collections, property maintenance, resolving lease violations, etc.

At Simply Life, we strive to provide qualified renters quickly.  A property that is clean and shows well generates higher rent, leases faster and saves you 100’s of dollars on vacancy loss. We guarantee to go above and beyond to make sure your property presents itself well for Leasing! If the front porch need sweeping, we sweep it. If we see trash, we pick it up! These things may seem common sense but many don’t take the time.


The Leasing duties begin by taking photos and marketing the property, receiving calls, scheduling property tours and collecting applications.

We work with your prospect to insure that their information is thorough and accurate to provide a complete address history and background check. Reports from all three credit reporting agencies are requested in the verification process. This all takes an average of 2-3 days based on the rental verification from previous landlords.

Rental Criteria

Ask for a copy of our Rental Criteria for your review. Adjustments can be made to suit the property provided all adjustments comply with Fair Housing and local and state laws.

Simple Pricing

Leasing Services are 70% of the first month’s rent.
Application and administrative fees are collected from the applicant.
The property Owner incurs no additional charges for these services.

Lease Documents

Once approved the Residential Lease documents are signed and we await the upcoming move in date. When move the day comes, we meet the new resident to collect the rent, furnish keys and review your preferred method of payment for all future rent. This is when our responsibility ends and yours begin. Simply Leasing and you do the rest!

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